Material Management

We provide the best approach for planning, organizing, and controlling all those activities principally concerned with the flow of materials into an organisation.

Scope of Materials Management

The scope of Materials Management varies greatly from company to company and may include material planning and control, production planning, Purchasing, inventory control, in-plant materials movement, and waste management. It is a business function for planning, purchasing, moving, storing material in a optimum way which help organisation to minimise the various costs like inventory, purchasing, material handling and distribution costs.

The key objectives of MM are

  • To buy at the lowest price , consistent with desired quality and service
  • To maintain a high inventory turnover , by reducing excess storage , carrying costs and inventory losses occurring due to deteriorations , obsolescence  and pilferage
  • To maintain continuity of supply , preventing interruption of the flow of materials and services to users
  • To maintain the specified material quality level and a consistency of quality which permits efficient and effective operation
  • To develop reliable alternate sources of supply to promote a competitive atmosphere in performance and pricing
  • To minimize the overall cost of acquisition by improving the efficiency of operations and procedures
  • To hire, develop, motivate and train personnel and to provide a reservoir of talent
  • To develop and maintain good supplier relationships in order to create a supplier attitude and desire furnish the organisation with new ideas , products, and better prices and service
  • To achieve a high degree of cooperation and coordination with user departments
  • To maintain good records and controls that provide an audit trail and ensure efficiency and honesty
  • To participate in Make or Buy decisions

Software on Stores Functioning :

(A) The software integrates the different stages that complete a standard receiving process such as :

  • Registration of an incoming consignment
  • Issuing Goods received intimation for inspection
  • Generating Goods Receipt Note
  • Status of Transportation
  • Lodging of Claims on discrepancy
The system also provides an extensive on-screen updating and query mechanism for all the above functions.

(B) Some major Reports (outputs), on-screen as well as in print form , give:

  • Total GRNs raised in a period
  • Pending inspection consignments
  • Goods in Transit report
  • List of all recorded suppliers (Vendors) with addresses

(C) Follow up action produce :

Reminder to indentor for carrying out inspection

(D) Analysis of data :


  • Number of Inspections cleared
  • Average Inspection lead time
  • Purchasing Software  Inventory Management Software

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