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Statutory Compliances

Statutory Compliances

Need of Statutory Compliance

It is mandatory for all organisations or establishments be it is a proprietorship or a company needs to follow their statutory and legal compliances on time. In general scenario, compliance means binding to a law, following a specific rules, policies, and standards. Regulating authorities describes the goals, the corporations or public agencies are takes care to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

It is important for any establishment to maintain its accounting and compliance requirements perfectly. Finance and Accounts departments are very important in any organisation. It is named to be first step to control your business and a step to raise a capital.

Different types of statutory compliances are needs to follow. Namely.


Books of Accounts:

 Accuracy plays a vital role in the process. Accounts has to be in proper shape to make correct and accurate financial decisions. Capitaplus experts team of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Professionals use most appropriate Accounting ERP packages to ensure the books of accounts are updated in real time.

Income tax, TDS, and GST:

Timely deposit of Adv. tax, TDS and GST. Correct deduction percentage application on TDS and quarterly returns filling. The liability to deposit GST is on the supplier of the goods or service provider. Capitaplus Consultants will help you to ascertain the GST liability and file the GST returns on time.

Statutory Audit:

Capitaplus Consultants experts team of Chartered Accountants and Audit Professionals are well acquainted and proficient to take care of all the statutory audit requirements for all kind statutory audits.

Entity Setup
  • Company formation & registration (Companies Act):
  • Factory Act / Water & Air Pollution / Fire / Shop and Establishment Act etc.
  • We are committed to offer quality services to our clients by simplifying the process. Capitaplus Consultants specialized team of Chartered Accountants provide you incomparable services. Our team assist the clients to fulfil various formalities required without consuming much time and resources.

Capitaplus Consultants provides you a intact Statutory compliance solutions under one roof, hence you are free from all your legal and statutory obligations. Once we are on the task, we make sure our client has a free of mind to run a business successfully.

  • PF / ESI / Min. Wages Act / Labor Law etc.

    Capitaplus Consultants provides full range of services regarding compliance of laws related with HR i.e. PF / ESI / Min. Wages Act / Labor Law etc.